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Ambrosia: The AMerican BRitish Online Search In Athens
Union Catalogue of the Blegen and Gennadius libraries of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the library of the British School at Athens.

National Documentation Centre. There are at least three different access points for the resources listed (see below).

Argos Project
Hellenic Ph.D. Dissertations
NDC's Serials Union Catalog
Medical Bibliography -- Hippocrates, Social Science Bibliography -- GLAFKA
Hellenic Archaeological Records -- grArgos
Archaeological Records -- intArgos
Argos--Serials Union Catalog
Hellenic School Libraries
Hellenic Public Libraries Union Catalog

Portal to search grey literature -- dissertations, research papers, technical reports, lecture notes.

AusGreekNet. com
Comprehensive list of links to academic and research libraries.

BiblioNet (Greek Books in Print)

HEAL-LINK (Hellenic Academic Libraries Link)
Portal to search the catalogs of twenty-three universities and fifteen technical schools in Greece.

National Documentation Centre (EKT): Hellenic Academic Libraries
Portal to catalogs of academic libraries in Greece. Digitized dissertations are available from the Web sites of many institutions.

Nautilus: Greek Parliament Library Catalogue

Portal to the catalogs of Greek libraries.

Primary Texts

Anemi: The Digital Library of Modern Greek Studies
Its mission is to include manuscripts, dictionaries, monographs, etc. in the holdings of the University of Crete from 1476 to the present.  The existing collection consists of over 10,000 titles (ca 1 million pages) and has four components: (1) bibliographies, lexica, and encyclopedia that concern Neo-Hellenism, (2) Greek print bibliographies 1476-1900, (3) travel documents, and (4) the contents of the Markos Mousouros collection of books, maps, and archival documents relevant to the history of Crete.

Center for Neo-Hellenic Studies
Listen to readings of the works of Cavafy, Savvides, and Demaras.

University of Athens. Currently, Pergamos hosts the digital collection of the Historical Archive of the University of Athens, while four additional collections are under development (Folklore Collection, Papyri Collection, Theatrical Collection and Medical Images Collection).

University of Macedonia.

Thesaurus of the Greek Language
Project to digitize primary and secondary sources from Homer to the present. What makes this project different from the TLG is that it aims at including all editions and translations.

Journals Online

Directory of Open Access Journals
Project by the University of Lund. So far, over 700 journals can be searched on the article level.

ERMHS (Hermes)
Journal catalog from the National Documentation Centre.

Kosmopolis Digital Collection
This is a project to digitize the holdings of the University of Patras and E.L.I.A. of 19th and early 20th century journals.

LUNE: Liste des perodiques
French full-text journals in many disciplines.

Newspapers: National Library of Greece

TOCS-IN (Tables of Contents to Classics Journals)

Other Resources

Early Photography in Greece and the Mediterranean
From the Getty Center.

Ionian University at Corfu, Department of Archive and Library Sciences: Laboratory on Digital Libraries and Electronic Publishing

Packard Humanities Institute Greek Epigraphy Project (Ancient Greek)

University of Macedonia
Digitized books for the visually impaired and full-text journals.


Please consult each institution to find out about ongoing digital projects at individual institutions.

Greece and Europe

Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
Benaki Museum -- Library
The Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies, Athens
The Hellenic Literary and Historical Archives (E.L.I.A.)

National Library of Greece
Greek Parliament Library
Panteion University, Athens
University of the Aegean
University of Athens, National and Capodistrian University
University of Crete, Heraklion and Rethymnon
University of Ioannina

University of Ionia at Corfu
University of Macedonia
University of Patras
University of Thessaly

Cambridge University
Oxford University

United States and Canada

Boston College
Brown University
California State University, Sacramento (Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection)

Columbia University
Cornell University
Dumbarton Oaks
Harvard University, Center for Hellenic Studies
Hellenic College, Brookline, MA
Kent State University
Loyola University
New York University
Ohio State University
Queens College
Princeton University
San Francisco State University
Simon Fraser University
Temple University
University of Arizona
University of Houston
University of Maryland
University of Michigan
University of New Hampshire
University of South Florida
University of Washington
Wayne State University
Yale University

York University, Toronto