Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection, California State University, Sacramento

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Voyage…dans la Greece, l'Asie mineure, la Macedoine. Lucas, P. 1712 v. 1-2
Acta Conciliorum Oecvmenicorvm. Schwartz, E. 1927-1936 v. 1.1.1-2.2.2
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Voyage au Levant. Lucas, P. 1714 v. 1-2
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Die Turkischen Elemente in den sudost-und… Miklosich, F.X. von [n.d.]
Divan ul-Lugat it-Turk: Ali Emiri 4189. [n.d.]
Hellenikos Philologikos Syllogos Koromeda 1871/72- v. 6-34 (Parartema)
Izvestija na Bulgarskaja archeologiceski druzestvo, Sofia [n.d.] v. 1-7
Izvestija na Bulgarskaja archeologiceski institut, Sofia [n.d.] v. 1-10
Izvestija na Narodnija etnografski muzej v Sofia. [n.d.] v. 1-16
Izvestija russkago archeologiceskago Instituta v Konstantinopel. 1896-1912 v. 1-16
La Turquie d'Asie Geographie administrative statistique descriptive… Paris. Cuinet, V. 1890-1900 v. 1-4
Les reformes et la protection des chretiens en Turquie, 1673-1904. Schopoff, A. 1904
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Manuel de l'antiquité slave. Niederle, L. 1923-1926 v. 1.1-1.2
Palestinskii Sbornik. 1881-1914 v. 1-60
Patrologiae Cursus completus…Accurante Minge, J.P. [n.d.] v. 1-161
Sacrorum conciliorum nova et amplissima collectio. Mansi, J.D. [n.d.] v. 35-53
Salname-i Devlet-i Aliyye-i Osmaniyye. 1263-1296
Sbornik statej po archeologii I vizantinovedenijii… 1927-1936 v. 1-8
Seminarium Kondakovianum. 1928-1941 v. 1-11
The Sixteenth Century Journal [n.d.] v. 17 ( 1-4)
Vizantiiskoe obozrenie. (Revue byzantine). 1915-1916 v. 1-2

Doctoral Dissertations

Hagiographic sources for Byzantine cities, 500-900 A.D.
Credit for Greek farmers
George Syncellus and his predecessors: ante-diluvian history the chronicle of Syncellus and his acknowledged authorities (Byzantine).
Narrative structure in the Byzantine vernacular romances:a textual and literary study of "Kallimachos","Belthandros"and "Libistros"(romance).
Naval policy and the rise of the fleet of Ifriqiyyah from the 1 st to 3rd centuries A.H. (7th to 9th centuries A.D.)
The Perfected soul as a exegetical goal in Origen's writings on the Song of Songs (Bible; Greece).
The American English pronunciation of Greek immigrants: a study in language contact with pedagogical implications.
Commodity concentration, export earnings instability and growth: a vector autoregression analysis of selected developing countries (Brazil, Colombia, Greece)
Social and economic change in a depopulated community in Southern Greece.
An examination of two twelfth-century centers of Byzantine manuscript production
Pope innocent III as crusader and canonist: his relations with the Greeks of Constantinople,1198-1216
The attitudes of Greek-Americans toward seeking psychotherapy.
The United Nationas peace-keeping force in Cyprus and the changing Greek regimes.
Issues and problems in contemporary Greek aesthetics
Political development and political decay in interwar Greece
Political ideology and educational change in Greece: a content analysis of secondary text books.
Byzantium in Latin 800-1204.
Migration and Economic history in rural Greece: a case study.
The political economy of regime change: a case study of Greece.
A study of ritual sponsorship in a Greek village.
French images from the Greek war of Independence 1821-1827 : art and politics under the Restoration.
Social and political concepts of regional development in Greece: a case study of Thessaloniki.
Nationalism and cultural ferment in Greece : 1897-1912
From Hellenism to Philhellenism: the emergence of modern Greece in French literature, 1770-1820
Peri oikonomia Theou' :the meaning of history according to the Greek fathers.
Eunapius and Zosimus : problems of chronology and composition (Greece).
Three Philhellenes in the struggle for Greek independence (Romas, Napier, Xanthos)
Enosis : from ethinic communalism to Greek nationalism in Cyprus, 1878-1955.
The late Byzantine soldier : a social and administrative study.
The rebirth of Athens : planning and architecture in the 19th century
A Chapter in Greco-slavic ties of the eighteenth century.
Population movements in the Peloponnesos of Greece, 1940-1961.
High life span on the island of Paros, Greece.
The history, architecture, interior decoration and religious art of the Greek orthodox churches in the greater Los Angeles area.
Gender and sanctity in early Byzantine monaticism: a study of the phenomenon of female ascetics in male monastic habit with a translation of the life of St. Matrona.
Byzantine and Islamc ceramics from Hebron (El-Khalil): the common wares
Kelymnos : economic and cultural change on a Greek sponge fishing island.
The emergence of the 'Thughur' : The Arab-Byzantine frontier in the early Abbasid age.
Pulcheria, Empress of Byzantium: an investigation of the political and religious aspects of her reign (414-453 A.D.).
Economics aspects of International migration : the case of Greek labor mobility.
The journey beyond symbolism : Valey, Rimbuad, Eliot and their relationship to George Seferis (Greece, France, England).
Aristocracy, tradition and collaboration : the Greek professors under dictatorship.
The career and confession of Cyril Loukaris : the Greek Orthodox church and its relations with Western Christians (1543-1638).
The structure of koine Greek narrative
Religion and ethnicity in Greek-American communities.
The Military in Politics : a case study of Greece
Catherine II's imperial manner and Eastern Orthodoxy : the case of Nikoforos Theotokis, 1779-1800.
The development of monastic architecture on Mount Athos with special reference to the monasteries of pantocrator and chilandari
The "Progymnasmata" of Theon : a new text with translation and commentary. (Greek education, Hellenistic culture)
The Greek-American group of Tarpon Spring, Florida : a study of ethnic identification and acculturation.
Political communication in Greece during the last two years of parliamentary democracy, 1965-1967.
The Pylian kingdom : a case study of an early state (Greece, prehistory, Messenia).
The ninth-century Byzantine marginal psalters: Moscow, Historical Museum Cod. 129; Mt. Athos, Pantokrator 61; Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale Gr. 20 (manuscript illumination).
Efficiency contradictions of multinational activity : the case of Greek shipping.
Greek-American relations, 1917-1929
Changing influences on Greek education, 1821-1951
Eschatology and redemption in the theology of Origen: Israelite-Jewish and Greek-Hellenistic ideas in Origen's interpretation of redemption.
The Dhema Pass and its early Byzantine fortifications (Greece, topology, archaeology).
A corpus of synagogue art and architecture in Roman and Byzantine Palestine (vols. I-IV).
The enlightenment tradition in Greece: the case of Adamantios Koraes and Evangelos Papanoutsos (Koraes Adamantios, Papanoutsos Evangelos).
Continuity and change among the Anastenaria, a firewalking cult in northern Greece.
Cultural continuity among second generation Greek-American students in a Greek community (values, language, ethnicity, Astoria, New York, parochial education).
The return of the gods: transformations of the Greek divinities in nineteenth and twentieth century literature.
Greece, 1935-1941: The Metaxas regime and the diplomatic background to World War II.
The Hesychast controversy in Byzantium in the fourteenth century: a consideration of the basic evidence. (Volumes I and II).
Historical development of the modern Greek present verbal classes.
A georgraphic-systems approach to ethnicity: the Greek Americans in northeastern Ohio.
Factor substitution and complementarity in Greek manufacturing, 1961-70.
The Greek community of New York City: early years to 1910.
The American-Greek subculture: process of contnuity.
Greece and the European Economic Community: a study of resources development potentialities.
International organizations and small state conflicts: the Greek experience.
Greek Political reaction to NATO and Western orientation 1952-1963.
The screening battery of tests for the detection of dementia among Greek elderly (dementia detection).
Government policy-making and economic development. A case study: Greece, 1945-1953
An Investigation of the origin of bells in the Western Christian Church based upong a study of musical instruments used within worship services at major religious shrines of Europe and the Middle East (500 B.C.E-80 C.E.): The Parthenon. The Jewish
The "Maniera Grece" in Italy and Serbia: art and society in two byzantine spheres of influence, 1024-1355.
Charilaos Trikoupes and the modernization of Greece, 1874-1894.
Soldiers in Politics: the case of contemporary Greece.
The changing demographic characteristics of the rural population of Greece.
The role of the American Trade Union representatives in the Aid to Greece Program, 1947-1948.
Genoese involvement with Byzantium 1155-1204: a diplomatic and prosopographical study.
Images of Scylla and riding nereids in Tondo reliefs of the Hellenistic period (Greek, reliefs).
Nicetas of Byzantium and his encounter with Islam : a study of the "Anatropi" and the two "Epistles" to Islam.
The Greek labor movement : its role in the national industrial relations system.
The modes of tuning in neo-Byzantine chant.
Political modernization, social conflict and cultural cleavage in the formation of the modern Greek state : 1821-1828.
The later village farming stage in Southern Greece.
An analysis of class and politics in Athens, Greece.
Jerome's "Chronicon" : a translation and commentary (Eusebius, Greece).
The image of Greece in the works of six British and American authors (Mackenzie, Durrell, Fermor, Miller, Andrews, Merrill).
Monetary developments and the monetary policy of Greece from 1955 to 1961
A study in Byzantine historiography: an analysis of Theophanes' "chronographia" and its relationship to Theophylact's "History", the reign of Maurice and the seventh century of 711
The politics of westernization : Eleutherios Venizelos' third administration of Greece, June 1917- November 1920.
Ptolemy's "peri Analemmatos" - an annotated transcription of Moerbeke's Latin translation and of the surving Greek fragments with an English version and commentary ( classics, history of math).
Woman in the Greek novel : constructing the feminine
Greek-Romanian relations in historical perspictive : the revolution of 1821 in the Romanian principalities.
The "refutation" of the Council of 815 by the Patriarch Nicephorus (Greek text) (Byzantium, iconoclasm)
Songs of the sea : the sea in the poetry of Israel, Ugarit, Greece, and Rome.
The monastery of Kaisariani : history and architecture (Greece, Byzantine).
The Byzantine-Arab chronicle (938-1034) of Yahya B. Sa'id Al-Antaki (Vols. I and II).
A sixth century Greek dialogue on political science : translation, with an introduction.
The consequences of first-city primacy and its relationship to economic development, with special reference to Greece
A precarious neutrality : Anglo-Axis rivalry in Greece, 1938-1940.
American response to military coups among her allies: Greece-the Colonel's coup
Abila of the Devapolis : A Roman- Byzantine city in Transjordan. (Vols. I and II)
The images of Greece in Byron's books : 'No Common Muse'
A study in civil government and imperial defense in the seventh century Byzantine state under Emperor Constans II (641-688).
The integration of Greeks in Canada.
Study in the cultral ecology of an olive-growing community: the Southern Argolid, Greece.
The dualistic-gnostic tradition in the Byzantine Commonwealth with special reference to the Paulician and Bogomil movements.
Greek-American folk beliefs and narratives: survivals and living tradition.
Theodore II Dukas Kaskaris (1222-1258) as an author and an intellectual of the thirteenth century (Greek text).
Adolescent career development within the Greek Cypriot family context.
Post World War II Greek elementary education and elementry school curriculum development.
The Greeks of Ethiopia, 1889-1970
The economics of Greek shipping : growth, problems and alternatives
Greek-Soviet relations since World War II (Soviet Union).
Narrative rhetorical devices of persuasion in the Greek community of Philadelphia
A comparative study of social work education : implications for Greece.
The Q'Azars : their history and language as reflected in the Islamic, Byzantine, Caucasian, Hebrew and old Russian sources.
Lawrence Durrell's Greek landscape
National imaginary orders: Neohellenism and the institution of modern Greece.
The role of the Slavs within the Byzantine Empire, 500-1018.
Consolation philosophy : Greek and Christian "paideia" in Basil and the two Gregories
Greece: problems in political change and Democratic Development, 1821-1967.
The limits of tradition : Friedrich Nietzsche and the Greeks.
Motivation and achievement of Greek students in English as a foreign language as seen from the perspective of gender and parental education.
Religious particularism and national integration : changing perceptions of the political self-identify among the Greek-Orthodox Christians of Greater Syria, 1840-1914
Awareness culture and change: a study of modernization in Greece.
Nea Aeolia : persistence of tradition in an urban Greek community
The urbanization of palestina Tertia in the Byzantine period.
The Greek road to socialism and the state : a case study on the possibility of a democratic transition to socialism.
The great powers and the Greek debt, 1833-1898: a study of the connection between international finance and diplomacy
The Kavousi-Thriphti survey : an analysis of settlement patterns in an area of eastern Crete in the Bronze Age and early Iron Age (vols. I and II). (Greece)
A historical-functional approach to the study of the Greek community of Tarpon Springs.
Greek modern theater: roots and blossoms.
Byzantine Northern Syria, A.D. 298-610: integration and disintegration (Christianity).
The natural law teaching in the Ante-Nicene Fathers and in modern Greek orthodox theology.
The inventory lists of the Parthenon Treasures (Greece).
An historical catalogue of Greek sculpture in the three dimensional slide collection of the State University of Iowa.
Empowerment and political opportunity: Greek women in resistance, 1941-1964 (nationalism).
Athens and Troy: the narrative treatment of the "Iliupersis" in archaic Attic vase-painting (Greece).
Time, religion, and social experience in rural Greece (Orthodoxy).
Stabilization policies in the context of an open economy in disequilibrium with special reference to the experience of Greece, 1960-1972.
The Byzantine-Carolingian triadological controversy with a view toward its appeal to tradition and the Fathers.
Theodore of studies : Byzantine churchman.
Language planning in the Greek Enlightenment : the issue of a literary standard, 1790-1820 (policy, diglossia, sociolinguistics).
"Infectious disease and population dynamics." Australia antigen HB (s) AG in parents, sex ration of offspring, and fertility, studies in an agrarian village of Greek Macedonia.
Dangerous voices : women's lament and Greek literature
The German occupation of Greece, 1941-1944
Byzantium and Rus' relations during the reign of the Comneni dynasty.
Greek influence on the eleventh-century Western revival of hermitism
The effects of the Cyprus crisis on the Greek political system and on the foreign policy orientation of party elites : A linkage approach
The song of lament : an artistic women's heritage (a study of the modern Greek lamenting tradition and its ancient West Asian and Mediterranean prototypes).
Price controls and industry structure in Greece : a theoretical and empirical analysis (translog, costs, credit, elasticities, estimation).
The Hellenistic and Roman library : studies pertaining to their architectural form (Italy, Greece, Middle East).
Interaction between domestic ethinic conflict and the international environment : the case of Cyprus (Greece, Turkey, NATO, UN).
The development of the Greek economy 1950-1987 : an empirical and econometric analysis
Social change and the transformation of women's roles in Crete : the case of Ypseliotes weavers (Greece).
Greek learning in the Medieval West : a study of St. Gall 816-1022
Folk songs and foreign influences in modern Greek poetry : the growth of the Demotic tradition (Seferis George, Solomos Dionysios).
Efficient organization of the livestock-meat marketing system in Eastern Macedonia, Greece.
Emperors and aristocrats in Byzantium, 976-1081
An investigation of the philologist as an agent of traditon and modernity in school social studies in Greece.
Greek American ethnic identity in young adulthood.
The political socialization of Greek-American adolescents (agents).
Greece's quest for empire at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919-1920: the diplomacy of illusions.
The Postwar development of the Greek balance payments: 1947-1964.
The Byzantine fortress at Isthmia, Greece and the transition from late antiquity to the medieval period in the Aegean.
Greek immigrants in the fur manufacturing industry in New York City, 1887 to 1943: class and ethnicity at the workplace.
Glendi' and 'Xenitia': the poetics of exile in rural Greece (Olymbos, Karpathos).
Archaeological survey in southern Euboea, Greece: a reconstruciton of human activity from Neolithic times through the Byzantine period (Bronze Age, Aegean, settlement patterns).
The political influence of the Orthodox Church of Greece.
Demetrius Cydones (c.1324-c.1397): intellectual and diplomatic relations between Byzantium and the West in the fourteenth century.
Greek colonization on the north shore of the Black Sea in the Archaic Period.
International and domestic politics in Greece during the Crimean War.
Monetary policies of the Bank of Greece, 1949-1951: contributions to monetary stability and economic development.
A century of Greek trade unions, 1875-1975. Structure, Behavior and international relations.
The Greek manuscripts of Galeni: De Tremore, Palpitatione, Convulsione, et Rigore Liber, with a critical edition of Chapters 1-5.
Konstantinos Paparrigopoulos and the emergence of the idea of a Greek nation.
Values and education in modernizing Greece: the case of Athens.
Cooperative administration between Greece and the United States 1947-1959
The devaluation of the Greek drachma in 1953.
The Contemporary Army Officer Corps in Greece: an inquiry into its professionalism and interventionism.
Elites and society in modern Greece: cabinet circulation and systemic change (1946-1976).
Cynics, Christians and holy fools: the late antique contexts of Leontius of Neapolis' "Life of Symeon the Fool" (Byzantium, Cyprus).
The religion of ethnicity: belief and belonging in a Greek-American community. (orthodoxy, acculturation, ethnography, clergy)
Changes in dietary behaviors of Greeks and Greek-Americans living in Tarpon Springs, Florida.
Continuity and change: a comparative study of three modern Greek political elites, 1936-1973.
The Development of Greek American education in the United States: 1908-1973 its theory, curriculum, and practice.
Greece and the Great Powers: the question of the Aegean Islands, 1912-1914.
Greek language maintenance in the Newark Greek community in New Jersey.
A study of social heredity as illustrated in the Greek people.
John III Ducas Vatatzes' Byzantine Imperium in Anatolian exile, 1222-54: the legacy of his diplomatic, military and internal program for the Restitutio Orbis.
The Esbous North Church in its stratigraphic and historical context ( Vols. I and II).
A preliminary concordance to the orations of the Emperor Julian (volumes I-III). (Greek text)
Political recruitment in Greece.
Toward a mystical geometry: the influence of surrealism on modern Greek poetry.
The Byzantine/Islamic occupation at Caesarea Maritima as evidenced through the pottery (Israel).
The scholia on Oppian's "Halieutica" from the Z family of manuscripts (ancient Greek text) (Tzetzes, John).
Greek labor migration to western Europe.
The self-concept of Greek-American preadolescents: a comparison study.
Sectoral effects of real exchange rate uncertainty on trade: a case study of the Greek trade flows (exchange rate uncertainty).
Tale and dream: the text and compositional history of the corpus of epidaurian miracle cures (Greece).
Greek political attitudes and voting behavior: a statistical analysis of socio-demographic and ecological relationships.
Musical life in Athens 1941-1944: the influence of the German and Italian occupation.(German text)
A study of sophrosyne in non-theological literature.
The Mongols and Byzantium, 1243-1341.
Kinship structure and economic organization among ethnic groups: Greek immigrants in the pizza business.
The Greek-Turkish dispute.
The role of the Agricultural Bank of Greece in economic development.
Prosopon' and the dogma of the Trinity: a study of the background of conciliar use of the word in the writings of Cyril of Alexandria and Leontius of Byzantium.
Evidences of a knowledge of Greek in England and Ireland during the age of Bede.
An analysis of English loanwords in New York City Greek.
Karolos Koun and the Theatro Technis (Greece).
A typology of the late Roman and Byzantine pottery of Jerusalem (Israel, ceramics).
France as a protecting power in Greece, 1832-1848.
Religion and the founders of Greek colonies.
The robe of Athena and the panathenaic "peplos" (Athens, Greece).
A study of the preservation of the classical tradition in the education, language and literature of the Byzantine empire.
Den Ksechno', I do not forget: the Greek Cypriot refugee experience as oral narrative.
Current problems in higher education in Greece.
The Greek unification movement in Cyprus: its development, its dynamics, and its decline.
Narrative cycles of the life of St. George in Byzantine art.
Inflation and stabilization in a small open economy: the case of Greece, 1960-1980
Manuscript attribution through paper analysis: Hilandar monastery in the fourteenth century. (A case study) (Greece, Slavic, watermarks).
The concept of "A Macedonian Nation" as a new dimension in Balkan politics. (Greece).
Elite transformation and modernization in Greece, 1967-1971.
Toward a descriptive analysis of 'Einai' as a linking verb in New Testament Greek.
Productivity progress in the Turkish and Greek textile industries and its impact on the textile exports of Turkey and Greece to the European Economic Community.
The origin and development of the pedagogic academies in Greece: 1933-1972.
Knowledge in distributed Byzantine environments.
Power, profits and industrial capital accumulation in postwar Greece (capital accumulation).
Studies in Byzantine diplomacy: sixth to tenth centuries.
At the twilight of Byzantine Karaism: the anachronism of Judah Gibbor.
Comparison of the Turkish and Greek shadow theater.
French policy towards Greece: September 1915-March 1917.
"Life, my daughter, is not the way you have it in your books": themes from the confrontation of social science theory and method with commmon sense in Greek immigrant families (Vols. I and II). (adjustment, mobility, culture)
Upward mobility, assimilation, and the achievements of the Greeks in the United States with special emphasis on Boston and Philadelphia.
The Abbey of Cava in the eleventh and twelfth centuries: Cava, the Normans and the Greeks in southern Italy.
The Greek historical and biographical notices of Eusebius, 776-432 B.C.
The ocrateuch miniatures of the Byzantine manuscripts of Comas indicopleustes.
Greek industrialists and the association of Greece with the common market
The karaghiozis tradition and Greek shadow puppet theatre : history and analysis.
Monetary aspects of the balance of payments theory: the Greek experience 1957-1976.
The Greeks in Ethiopia: economic, political and social life c. 1740-1936.
Byzantium between the Ottomans and the Latins: a study of political attitudes in the late Palaiologan period, 1370 -1460.
Text and image in a Byzantine gospel book in Istanbul (Ecumenical Patriarchate, cod. 3)
Mechanisms of agricultural production on estates of the Byzantine praktika.
Aspects of Greek-American ethinic identity: an intergenerational study of Greek-Americans.
Some major decisions related to success of industrial firms in the Greek economy: towards a conceptual model
Psychology in Greece: past, present and future perspectives.
The international position of Greece during the Crimean War
The oneirocritic literature of the late Roman and Byzantine eras of Greece : manuscript studies, translations and commentaries to the dream-books of Greece during the first millennium A.D., with Greek and English catalogues of the dream- symbols and with a
Effectiveness of population and industrial decentralization policies on metropolitan concentration: Greece and Japan in a cross-national impact evaluation (population decentralization, decentralization policies ).
The claremont profile method and the grouping of Byzantine new testament manuscripts in the gospel of Mark
Unstable urban bilingualism: the mother tongue socialization of the children of Greek immigrants in Toronto, Canada.
Tatian's discourse to the Greeks: a literary analysis and essay in interpretation.
The British decision to send troops to Greece: January-April 1941.
Levels of constituent structure in New Testament Greek.
The Greek military revolt of 1909.
On a theory of the staffing ratio: the relation of clerical staff of blue-collar workers in Greek manufacturing.
The Greek constitution of January 1, 1952.
Greece: the structure of dependence.
The structure of the Greek economy: 1958-1977 ; an emperical analysis of Marxian economics.
Events and cultural characteristics regarding the Pontian Greeks and their descendants.
Political involvement of Greek women: a statistical analysis of socio-demographic, ecological and attitudinal relationships.
Patriarch Athenagoras I and the greek Orthodox Church of North and South America.
Price controls and industry structure in Greece : a theorettical and empirical analysis (translog, costs, credit, elasticities, estimation).
The impact of the Greek ethnic lobby on U.S. foreign policy (United States).
Greeks in Russian military service in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
The United States and the Greek war for independence, 1821-1828.
An econometric analysis of the foreign trade of Greece.
Some aspects of the phenomenon of Hersey in the Byzantine empire and in the west, during the 11th and 12th centuries.
The effect of foreign direct investment on Greek economic development: 1954-1976.
A comparative analysis of press coverage of the 1974 Cyprus crisis by the Turkish newspaper, "Cumhuriyet," and the Greek newspaper "To Vima"
The Unassimilated Greeks of Denver.
A study in ethinic group political behavior: the Greek-Americans and Cyprus.
Focal point of conflict: the United Stated and Greece, 1943-1947
The 1922-1923 exchange of minorities and its impact upon Greece. (part I:Greece receives the refugees. Part II : the refugees accept Greece).
The Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK): ideology and politics (Greece, communism, politics and goverrnment)
Loci communes of Maximus the confessor : Vaticanus Graecus 739 (Greek Text).
Making Antioch Christian: the city in the pastoral of John Chrysostom (monasticism, Byzantium, Chrysostom John, Syria)
Politics and pedagogy in Greece: a critical and creative analysis and evaluation of the ideological and knowledge functions of the Greek school system, 1950-1975
Art in the service of French imperialism in the Near East, 1798-1848 : four case studies. (Vols. I and II) (Greece, Algeria, Egypt, Delacroix, Champollion).
The Jews of Corfu (Greece).
A study of inflation in the Greek economy during 1958-1980.
United states recognition of Greek independence.
Russian cultural response to the Greek war of independence (1821-1830)
Greece and the European Economic Community: relations during the Panhellenic Socialist Movement's first term of office, October 1981-1985
Communist negotiating techniques: a case study of the United Nations Security Council Commission of investigation concerning the Greek frontier incidents
United states policy toward the Greek war of independence
A historical analysis of the organization and development of vocational-technical education in Greece.
Demetres Glenos and educaion demoticism in Greece.
The church of the Holy Apostles in Thessaloniki: a study in early palaeologan architecture (Greece)
Social and cultural relationships in Scythopolis/ Beth Shean in the Roman and Byzantine periods
Genetic demography of an urban Greek immigrant community.
The transplantation of Greek cultural traditions and religious beliefs: problems, compromises, and adjustments within a cultural group.
The textual relationships of the Greek manuscripts of the Johannine epistles: establishment and classification of the manuscript groupings.
Saints, Holy Men and Byzantine Society 726 to 843.
Greece at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919: Venizelos and the Greek territorial problem: from the armistice to Versailles (November 1918 - June 1919). (Volumes I and II).
Biblical and theological norms for vocational concern groups in the Greek Orthodox church in the United States
Founding an identify: C. Vibius Salutaris and Ephesos in A.D. 104 (Greek cities, epigraphy)
Theophilus ' The Unlucky' (829 to 842): a study of the tragic and brilliant reign of Byzantium's last iconoclastic Emperor
Greek political ideas and ideologies in the twentieth century
Charilaos Tricoupes and Greek territorial expansion 1862 - 1882.
The translational technique of the Greek septuagint for the Hebrew verbs and participles in Psalms 3-41.
A transformational analysis of the so-called weak personal pronouns in modern Greek.
Diogmos: the genesis of a rural Greek community and its refugee heritage.
Greek bureaucratism: a system of sociopolitical control (anti-Communism).
Byzantium and the Arabs during the Isaurian period 717-802 A.D.
The ecology of empires: an archeological approach to the Byzantine communities of the Negev Desert.
Syntax of the moods and tenses of the Greek verb in Septuagint Genesis 1-15.
College and continuity in a Greek mountain village.
The notated lenten prosomoia in the Byzantine and Slavic traditions.
Intermarriage in a Greek-American community: an analysis of ethnic boundaries.
The balance of payments of Greece: its structural and macroeconomic aspects.
Third generation Greek Americans: a study of religious attitudes.
United states military assistance to Greece during the Anti-Bandit war (1947-1949)
The Greek-American community of Lowell, Massachusetts and its educational institutions
On the originality of Demetrius Triclinius in editing and commenting on the Bynzantine triad of Aeschylus.
TheGreek religious and secular community of Southern Italy and Sicily during the later Middle Ages.
Western European travellers to mainland Greece, 1700-1800.
The Sacred Sect and the secular Church: Symbols of ethnicity in Astoria's Greek Community.
Pluralism in transition: cultural implications of the legalization of private and municipal radio broadcasting in Greece (private radio, radio).
Gender and material culture: the social history of wealth in Olybos, a Greek insular village.
An economic model of the Byzantine Empire.
The Greek in medieval Islamic Egypt: a Melkite Dhimmi community under the patriarch of Alexandria (640-1095)
Themistios: the twenty-third oration (Greece, oration, rhetoric).
Lexical passives in modern Greek.
Empirical evidences and theoretical interpretations of Greek phonology: prolegomena to a theory of sound patterns in the Hellenistic Greek 'Koine'.
Nicetas Paphlago's "Life of Ignatius": a critical edition with translation. (ancient Greek and English text) (Byzantine, schism)
Greek ideals and the general education movement.
The Dodecanese Islands: a study of European diplomacy, Italian imperialism and Greek nationalism, 1911-1947.
Housing the homeless in Greece: the impact of the settlement of Asia Minor refugees on the urban development of Salonika, 1920-1972.
An art historical study of the Byzantine silk industry.
Soviet policy in Greece, 1944-1949 (foreign policy, Russia, communism, Civil War, World War II).
Pressure groups in the Greek political setting.
The Greek community in St. Louis (1900-1967): its agencies for value transmission.
Educational background, personality characteristics and value attitudes towards education and other ethnic groups among the Greeks in Detroit.
Study in recent Greek Orthodox Ecumenical relations, 1902-1968.
The stratigraphy of Tell Hesban, Jordan in the Byzantine period.
Confrontation to coexistence: a study of the Turkish-Greek conflict on the island of Cyprus.
The wandering hero in Greek poetry and song (oral poetry).
Anglo- Byzantine relations during the Middle Ages.
Greeks, pseudogreeks, and regreeks: a social world in a mass society.
Social class, ideology, and the novel in interwar Greece (1922-1940).
The Cretan problem and the Eastern question: a study of Greek irredentism, 1866, 1898.
An exploratory study of kinship and mobility among second generation Greek-Americans.
The concept of the person in the Christian Hellenism of the Greek church fathers: a study of Origen, St. Gregory the Theologian and St. Maximos the confessor (person concept).
Greece's policy and attitude towards the problem of Cyprus
Greece: the failure to create a bourgeois state, 1909-1932.
The Greek national revival and the French Enlightenment.
An empirical study of the Greek manufacturing sector
The influence of the homeland on the social orgranization of a Greek community in America
Niche decorations from the tombs of Byzantine Egypt (Heracleopolis Magna and Oxyrrhynchus, A.D. 300-500 ): visions of the afterlife (Vols. I and II).
Basil I (867-886), the founder of the Macedonian Dynasty a study of the political and military history of the Byzantine Empire in the Ninth century.
Sacrifice: its meaning and special problems, with particular reference to early rabbinic, early Christian, and Greco-Roman traditions.
An analysis of modern Greek educational thought: 1925-1975.
The problem of political change in Greece and Turkey 1945-1960.
Sources of economic growth in Greece, 1950-1985
The internal and external Greek labor migration in the postwar years.
A philosophical, historical and pedagogical foundation of technology education with guidelines for curriculum development in Greek secondary education.
Language change and language death in Albanian speech communities in Greece: a sociolinguistic study
Stress in modern Greek.
A short run macroeconometric model of the Greek economy 1956-1969
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Postwar monetary developments and the balance of payments of Greece 1950-1961.
Hungary, the Balkans and Byzantium during the period of the Comneni.
The Golan during the Roman and Byzantine periods: topography, settlements, economy.
Adamantios Koraes and the modernization of Greek education, 1782-1821
The seventh century Byzantine ship at Yassi Ada: some contributions to the history of naval architecture.
Palamism and church tradition: palamism, its use of patristic tradition, and its relationship with thomistic thought (medieval theology, mysticism, byzantine, orthodox).
Land tenure, land use and agricultural development,a comparative analysis of Messinia (Greece) and the Cape Bon (Tunisia).
Small-scale industry: the case of Greece's knitting plants.
The integration of post - 1965 Greek immigrants to New York
The conflict in south Italy between Byzantium and the West in the late tenth and early eleventh centuries.
A Byzantine theology of marriage : the "Syntagma Kata Stoicheon" of Matthew Blastares
The assimilation of Greeks in the United States: with special reference to the Greek community of Anderson, Indiana.
Developments in Greeks Orthodox New Testament scholarship from 1876 to the present.
Wisdom as it is manifested in the Theotokos and the women saints of the Byzantine era.
On the verb in modern Greek.
Greek grammatical papyri: the school texts.
The Ethnika in Byzantine military treatises.
John Koukouzeles' reform of Byzantine chanting for great vespers in the fourteenth century (with) muscial supplement
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The Greek translators of deuteronomy.
Strategy and change for maritime powers : Athens, Venice, Britain, and the United States (Greece, Italy).
The nature of Byzantine foreign policy toward Kievan Russia in the first half of the tenth-century: a reassessment
The history of Troy in the chronicles of John Malalas: the english translation and literary analysis of the Greek and Slavonic texts of Malalas' book
EEC and Greece: An econometric analysis of the effects of association on imports of manufactures, 1962-1972.
The American naval visits to Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean in 1946: their impact on American-Soviet relations A case study of the functions of modern sea power in peacetime foreign policy.
Refugee settlement and village change in the district of Serres, Greece, 1912-1940.
The older scholia to Aeschylus's "Persae". (Greek text) (Tragedy, Byzantine commentaries).
An economic survey of the early Byzantine Church.
The effect of economic integration on a small economy: the case of Greece and the EEC